Free shipping EMMC169/153 SD test EMMC programmer

Free Shipping EMMC169 153 SD Test EMMC Programmer
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EMMC169/153 SD test seat flip shrapnel
One, product features
Appearancelater adopted standard SD interface mode, by reading card device and a computer connection or the programmer SD interface connected to the test or burn, etc. the corresponding operation.
] compatible with the ball without the ball test, IC spacing frame with various molding die, according to IC choose different size spacing frame to be replaced, the realization of different size IC can be universal.
Please support hot plug, supported by the SD interface or through the pin connection and PIN connection board corresponding test;
] PCB using four layer circuit structure, reduce the product in use by the interference signal caused by unstable test, gold finger plating thickness processing to ensure use durability and contact;
But also compatible with 153/169-FBGA;
] shrapnel adopts import beryllium copper by high precision die stamping forming, head shape imitation probe design and the post with hard, thick gold plating layer processing, so as to ensure product stability and durability;
] connection module adopts the integral structure, reduce the problem of repeated positioning, ensure the contact point and IC pad and accurate alignment, a test through rate is high;
The through-hole welding structure to ensure good contact, SOCKET and PCBA used the positioning hole to facilitate the replacement of precise positioning;
The clamshell type structure, more convenient for manual testing, simple and convenient operation;
Appearancelater adopted overall mold molding spring adaptive structure, and ensure the different thickness of the IC does not require any adjustment can ensure the contact good IC testing and wide universality (thickness 0.6-2.0MM range can test);
The structure of the injection molding, accurate positioning, convenient fetching IC, higher working efficiency;
Two, test method
(1) the and IC are selected to match the limit frame, and the IC is placed in the direction of the SOCKET;
(2) is inserted into the free SD interface according to the direction, connected to the computer or programmer for the test, burning.

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