TOWE AP RJ45 TELE/4S RJ45/RJ11 port 4 core communication protection In 5KA surge for telephone

TOWE AP RJ45 TELE 4S RJ45 RJ11 Port 4 Wire Communication Protection In 5KA Surge Protection
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Item Specifics

Brand NameTOWE

Product Description

TOWE AP TELE/4 cores 5kA telecommunications systems line surge protective device RJ45/11 connectors surge protection

AP TEL/4 series telecommunications line surge protector is based on lightning protection standard IEC communications products designed to protect the 1-4 pairs PSTN, ADSL, DDN, ISDN lines and other communication equipment signal lightning protection for telecom data line high energy and low energy level protection coarse fine protection while also providing 3,6 and 4,5 respectively, the two fine lines of the differential mode and common mode protection protected effectively absorb and transfer of surge and surge the impact of energy production and energy through the grounding cable into the earth, and ultimately protect sensitive communications equipment from damage. Using RJ45/11 dual standard interface, can be used with FCS01/04 for 35mm rail mounting or wall fixed.
AP TEL/4 series telecommunications line surge protector named
TTS: TOWE Series Signal surge protector
RJ45: communication interface type is RJ45, RJ11 compatible
TELE: Applicable Equipment Type
4: Number of protection cores
S: indicates that the product integrates multi-level protection
Technical Data

Nominal Voltage Un 110V 110V 48V 110V 140V
Max. continuous operating voltage Uc 180V 180V 68V 135V 180V
Nominal current Il 145mA 145mA 145mA 145mA 145mA
Nominal discharge current 8/20μs In 2.5kA/line 2.5kA/line 2.5kA/line 2.5kA/line 2.5kA/
Max.discharge current8/20μs Imax 5kA/line 5kA/line 5kA/line 5kA/line 5kA/
Voltage protect level Up 250V 250V 90V 220V 250V
The maximum transfer speed VS 10M/s 10M/s 10M/s 10M/s 10M/s
Insert loss 0.2dB 0.2dB 0.2dB 0.2dB 0.2dB
Responce time tA <10ns <10ns <10ns <10ns <10ns
Protect Core 4,5 3,4,5,6 3,4,5,6 3,4,5,6 3,4,5,6
Protect Class IP 20
Operation Temperature T - 40degree ~+ 85degree
Applied to lightning region LPZ1-LPZ2 partition interface. Protect the 1-4 pairs PSTN, ADSL, DDN, ISDN and other telecommunications equipment data line surge protection signal, the interface is a standard PR45/11 Interface
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